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As we navigate through 2024, having a website that effectively represents your brand, engages your audience, and meets the latest technological standards is crucial. Let's explore these indicators to ensure your online presence remains strong and competitive. [ ... ]
Are you at the starting phase, trying to pick the right hosting provider for your website? You're not the only one. Choosing among the multitude of hosting providers can seem daunting, but I'm here to guide you to the right choice. [ ... ]
You've likely seen them across many websites: a popup asking about data with an "Accept" and "Decline" button. You might click "Accept" without giving it much thought, but what exactly is it, and do you need one on your website? Let's dive into the details. [ ... ]
You've probably been wondering: when I launch my website, what does it take for Google to notice me, and how long before I show up on Google? Because, let's face it, you want to be visible on Google in the best way possible. Let's get into this. [ ... ]
I've journeyed through various platforms, starting with Blogger as a teenager, moving through Wix, Squarespace when launching my business, Shopify, and finally finding a home with Elementor. Why Elementor, you ask? Let me share my experience. [ ... ]

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Maria is great, her templates are beautiful, she is super quick to respond and very patient. When I purchased one of her templates she was incredibly quick to install them, even after I had problems with my hosting she was always very helpful. I was looking for elegant templates for my professional makeup artist website in Brazil and Etsy recommended Maria to me, I don’t regret a minute of choosing her. She is the best of the best! I really recommend her, if you are looking for excellent service, Maria is your girl! Thank you so much Maria for all your help!

Luana / Etsy customer

Highly recommend working with Maria! Not only is her template beautiful and easy to use, but her customer service is what really makes her stand out! I had a lot of trouble with my HOST provider to get this template uploaded to my wordpress due to an internal problem from their side, and Maria was there every step of the way helping me to get this up and running. She even took the time and did a massive workaround for me and got the kit working for me.

Bianca / Wander Mom Life

I love how the theme looks and the different page options available. I believe this theme can work for a number of blogs and e-commerce sites. The creator also helped me install the theme. I really appreciated her help!

Dena / Etsy customer

Maria has been a great delight to work with! Her services went above and beyond what she offer’s. I have learned many new things as someone who is illiterate to tech and she was diligent and patient with getting my site on track and it is a amazing as I hoped it would be! She is my 1st and #1 recommendation!

Dene’t / Etsy customer

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